Are you ready to meet God through pleasure?
Do you give yourself the permission to receive full blown pleasure that empties your mind and bangs your soul?
Most of us have a whole army of guardians protecting our portal to pleasure.
There are many different reasons why we develop survival strategies along the way to sabotage our own pleasure. Some of us freeze, check out, leave their body, go somewhere else in their mind. Others please, pretend, fake it until they eventually make it.
The question is: how can you talk to your guardians and how can you cultivate the self love and worthiness that is needed to experience pleasure in its divine form? How can you learn to feel safe enough within your body to fully open yourself up to pleasure?
Authentic pleasure is divine.
The existence of life, in whatever form, is the highest expression of divinity.
We are all holy fuckers and sacred suckers.
Let’s just accept that and stop arguing with pleasure.
Permission to pleasure requires practice.
And practice requires commitment.
We are committed to Slow Sex.
And we are dedicated to taking you along.
It arouses us to witness you doing your practice.
How you striptease your conditioning, layer by layer
until we get to meet
the God and the Goddess in you.

In the Slow Sex Experience we practice the art of pleasure by de~conditioning ourselves, by creating awareness of what is moving inside of us and by learning how to identify our pleasure protectors. For those who want to work more intensely with their pleasure guardians please get in touch with Katjalisa. She offers transformative sessions for individuals or couples that want to hack their script and update their story. She skilfully combines her vast variety of tools that she has acquired along the way through a lot of (in person) research and in depth study within the fields of somatic, psycho and trauma education and sexual anthropology. Every session is embedded within breath~and bodywork and contains elements of the Slow Sex practise and the polarity work of the Voice Dialogue. Her way of working is unique, intuitive, surprising, refreshing, creative and absolutely out of the box.