answers to Frequently Asked Questions

All gender and sexual orientations are welcome.
Unless stated differently, we have the ‘underwear on’ policy during all events.
There won't be any genital penetration happening at any point of the evening.
The Slow Sex Experience is a space for healing. Even though our intention is not to actively dive into trauma work, some exercises might trigger past traumatic experiences. We ask you to get in touch with Katjalisa beforehand if you are aware of a sexual past traumas. We are happy to connect you with capable and professional experts from our network.
You can come alone or with a partner
If you come as a couple please discuss beforehand if you are open to share experiences with others and clarify the boundaries within your relationship. You can choose to do all the exercises with your partner.
We invite you to explore beyond your gender preference and meet each other as beings.
Come as you are - whether you are feeling grumpy, unsocial and totally unsexy that day - the Slow Sex Experience can help you to reconnect to yourself and to shift your energy.
You are welcome to wear sexy clothes if that’s what you feel like for that event. But you can totally also come in your pyjamas - the most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing
Yes, taking a shower before sounds like a good idea and is for sure appreciated by everyone around. If you tend to sweat a lot in exciting situations please bring a small towel.
The Slow Sex Experience is not a ‘pick up’ place. It’s about connecting with an open heart without specific intentions or ‘end’ goal. However, if you had a special moment with someone and you would like to meet that person again or simply express afterwards through a voice msg/ email / phone call etc your gratitude for that encounter - go ahead!
You can always reach out to Katjalisa for more in depth personal guidance/ advice/ inspiration