The Slow Sex Experience is an approach to life that empowers you to create deep intimacy with yourself and others, to connect with nature, to cultivate creativity and to enhance life energy.


LIVE Workshops & Events

Check out our agenda and join our bubbly life events happening regularly at the Algarve and in Amsterdam.

That’s your chance to meet like minded people that want to practice the art of Slow Sex and experience life as intensely and expansively as you do. Enjoy Slow Sex sound baths, live music during our summer specials, experience bonding community spirit and self pleasure in nature…


Our online tutorials empower you to cultivate a committed and regular Slow Sex practice. You can do the practice with your (life) partner, a good friend that is curious to explore or with your tinder date - to set a different vibe right from the start!

The tutorials are accessible, playful and fun. All tutorials are part of our community membership The Practice.

The Slow Sex
Thought Leader

Meet the pioneering spirit behind our project.

Find out what moves and inspires her.

Learn about her vision and mission and all the edgy and crazy shit she’s working on!

Community Experience
Portugal 2023
Join our 10 days off the grid intensive Community Experience in southern Portugal to get to know all the different parts that live inside you so you can get closer to your core self, explore new ways of relating, connect intimately with yourself and others and (re)cultivate a sacred, nurturing and empowering bond with nature.
Nature is our biggest source of inspiration. We are fascinated to exploring sexual energy, the most powerful life force there is, by looking deeply into the principles of the natural ecosystem. If we manage to restore the relationship to ourselves and each other we will be able to restore the planet. Let's start right now, right here!
Slow Sex Arthouse Production
A series of 8 erotic & educational episodes that embody the spirit of the Slow Sex Experience. There is no script to be followed, no end goal to be reached. Under the facilitation of Katjalisa, our Slow Sex Conductor, the volunteering models are guided through the experience accompanied by Karl and his camera. Every episode is shot in one go, and is absolutely authentic and unique.