A badass research project in the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Imagine, the Red light district would become famous for being the first place in the world where sex would be sold as a tool for healing, instead of a good for consumption!

In August 2019, Slow Sex thought leader and anthropologist Katjalisa, was the first one to introduce the concept of the Slow Sex in the Red light district in Amsterdam.

Driven by curiosity if men that came for ‘snack sex’ would be open for a different kind of experience, she registered as a sex worker at a room rental service and sat behind the window. To see what happens.

Instead of a hard fuck the customer would receive a ‘heart fuck’, or a completely different kind of blowjob…The Slow Sex Experience is about creating connection and deep intimacy. You might wonder how this is possible with a complete stranger within only 20 minutes. The key is being fully present. So much magic can happen in a simple eye gazing exercise. To be truly seen for who you are is one of the most powerful and touching experiences one can have.

"It’s hard to describe, you let go of your surroundings, find focus on the person in front of you, first the face, then as a whole, your breathing comes together. With all the same tension as the most caring intimate sex, but the expectation is gone, the self consciousness gone. There’s nothing else, just a deep energy throughout each other’s body and between."

participant Slow Sex Experience
August 2019

By expanding the spectrum of the sex menue in the Red light district, Katjalisa plants seeds of awareness around the healing power of sexual energy in a playful and accessible way. The Slow Sex Experience is a form of activism responding to the problem of overtourism and consumerim and sheds light on patriarchal power dynamics and hierarchical structures with a pioneering spirit aiming to attract a more conscious and respectful crowd to the oldest part of town and to contribute to the healing between men and women and of society as a whole.
Pass by for a unique Amsterdam experience behind the window - meet Katjalisa, learn about Slow Sex, create positive impact for yourself and the neighbourhood!