I just wanna feel


It takes a lot of courage living life really wanting to feel all there is.
Of course, there are always things we ‘just have to do’ but in between there is so much space ‘just to feel’.
Wanting to feel life is a commitment to life itself.
It’s a spiritual practice, a choice to make every day again and again.


Slow Sex invites you to feel and to feed that hunger for creating deep intimacy and connection within all your actions and reactions, encounters and endeavors.
I want to give a shoutout at this point to Sophie, my right hand in Amsterdam, who reminds me in moments when I ‘just wanna do’ to slow down and to feel. Sophie started about a year ago as Community Manager in Amsterdam.

She generously opened up her whole network that she’s created with love and care to the Slow Sex movement. After a year of building trust through a lot of radical honest conversations, shared joy and mutual frustrations, walks in nature and a variety of events we organized together, we both feel that it’s time for the next step!

From February, Sophie will start facilitating the Intros to Slow Sex at the Kokopelli, our home base in Amsterdam, on a regular basis. I have all the trust that she will pass on the core values of the Slow Sex Experience in her very unique way and that she will grow into the art of facilitation. Go Sophie!

Facilitation is a complex skill that involves a lot of practise and dedication to own inner work that is always in progress. Holding space for a group asks for connection to the bigger field we are all part of. It also asks for flexibility to adjust the program on the spot according to the vibe of the group and to individual needs. Having a strong team that gives radical feedback and the ability to self-reflect is how we can grow from our mistakes and learn by our doings.