Connecting from the Vulnerable Heart

What excites me most in life is to connect from and to the vulnerable heart.

I grew up in a family in which we skillfully danced around the elephants in the room (meaning avoiding conflict) feeding the narrative we’ve created hoping that this is how we can keep up the peace and eventually will die happily ever after. This survival strategy that is so commonly accepted and modeled by the majority of our (Western) society is the killer for a real heart connection. For years, I’ve been the ‘uncomfortable’ one in my family. Not because I’ve been wearing crazy clothes or had funky hairstyles. I was the ‘uncomfortable’ one simply because I wanted to connect truly from the heart. I would ask real questions, make real eye contact, hug longer than we are used to. Once one of my family members said to me that I was his favorite conversation partner ~ but only after 2 bottles of good wine.

With Slow Sex we explore how we can get to the rawness and purity of relating without wine (that does not mean I don’t appreciate a good glass or two) or whatever else is accepted (or not) by society to open up the heart.

It’s amazing every time to witness what happens when we allow ourselves to relate authentically ~ meaning without the pretentiousness and the bypassing that come along with small talk (just another survival strategy that has the task to protect the vulnerable heart to let others come close to you), without agenda how to explore someone’s body.

So what happens when you are in a safe container that is held with integrity?

You find yourself moving beyond your initial preferences and your own expectations.

Your heart sings out loudly and your soul dances from pure joy of being alive.

Strangers can become lovers and holders of your most intimate secrets within one night.

This is the vibe we want to set for the New Year! 

With a group of 25 people, we smoothly Slow Sexed into 2023. Thank you Meditatietuin for your trust and your support to make these events happen. An urban Slow Sex mini retreat is in making for August 2023…just keep on receiving our Muse letters and you’ll hear about it!

Some Slow Sex Muse for You:

  • Start the new year by asking your heart what it really wants.
  • Light a candle, go for a walk, spend time in nature, pray, write, sing, dance, cry, laugh, play fight, fly, base, explore…and then listen to what your heart has to say.
  • Create an ‘uncomfortable’ moment with a member from your family or with a colleague at work: ask a meaningful question, make real eye contact, hug a little longer than you normally would…and then see what happens.