Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

Break patterns and conditioned behavior
Learn how to communicate non-violently
Cultivate self love and self care
Enhance intimacy with yourself and your partner
Unblock stuck energy and harness life energy
Re-define sexuality

Relating is one of the most complex and challenging arts to master.

Like any other art it requires a regular, dedicated and committed practice.
Especially when we are relating with a loved one, our (trauma) triggers can be activated.
The closer we relate, the closer we get to our core business.
We all got a whole army of high security guards protecting what is dearest to us ~
the story we’ve created about ourselves (and others).
If someone dares to come too close, you might fight, fly, freeze or please.
Within an instant, your guardians turn into brave soldiers fighting on the front line to protect the vulnerable heart (being totally passive or in complete silence is also a way of fighting).
Again and again you end up in the same old situation. You are so bored, frustrated and exhausted. Yet, you don’t seem to be able to step out of the story ~
because you can’t change what you can’t see.

In every core relationship, we will come across triggers.

Whether that relationship is romantic or professional. Once we understand the reason behind our triggers and which part within us takes over when we get triggered, we will be able to cultivate mutual understanding and will become more compassionate for each other's actions and reactions. Once we start seeing things, we can slowly start changing them. Becoming aware of our own survival strategies and of those of the people we closely relate with, is the first step for healing. It is a constant practice to take a step back from our own narrative when we are about to repeat old patterns and strategies. The more we do it, the better we get at it and the less support we will need from the outside. Yes, it is a lot of goddam work! But it is highly rewarding and deeply satisfying.

The more you understand what and who drives you and why, the more you can become the writer of your own story and start living a life that is more aligned with your sacred contract. Stepping into your full potential is empowering and super sexy. Your eyes will spark, your aura will shine, your mind will be calm & clear, your soul will sing and swing, your heart will dance and your sexual energy will flow again.

In the very first place, you do the work for yourself. From there, it will have an energetic ripple effect affecting all your relations. First your primary ones but at the end your inner work contributes to the healing of all your ancestral lines and to the healing of the collective.

Katjalisa’s one on one sessions are for individuals or couples that want to hack their script and update their story. She skilfully combines her vast variety of tools that she has acquired along the way through a lot of (in person) research and in depth study within the fields of somatic, psycho and trauma education and sexual anthropology. Every session is embedded within breath~and bodywork and contains elements of the Slow Sex practise and the polarity work of the Voice Dialogue. Her way of working is unique, intuitive, surprising, refreshing, creative and absolutely out of the box. She is personally mentored by Francine Oomen, Dutch bestselling author, intergenerational trauma expert and certified Voice Dialogue coach.

Time investment per session: 2-3 hours + 2-3 hours HomePlay per week

Energy Investment: 125-275 Euros

As I give treatments both in Portugal and in Amsterdam, my sliding scale is very wide due to the huge difference in income. If you are living in Portugal but you make your money outside of Portugal you count to me as ‘expat’ and are encouraged to pay on the higher end of the scale. May you honestly decide what you are able/ willing to pay for the experience. I fully trust that everyone gives what they can give at this moment. 

A series of at least 3 sessions is recommended to create transformative change.

Feel free to hop on a free call with me for an inquiry. 

Send me a message on WhatsApp or on Telegram to directly make an appointment: +31 624 555 311

“Just as you can pick out the voice of a loved one in the tumult of a noisy room, or spot your child's smile in a sea of faces, intimate connection allows recognition in an all-too-often anonymous world. This sense of connection arises from a special kind of discrimination, a search image that comes from a long time spent looking and listening. Intimacy gives us a different way of seeing, when visual acuity is not enough.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants


My partner and I were first introduced to Katajalisa through one of her Slow Sex events in Portugal. We were both struck by the levity, openness, effusive joy and edge that she brings to intimacy, all the while creating a safe space for whatever is alive in that moment. Her guidance feels really nourishing as she marries the worlds of spirituality, energetics, psychology and embodiment so her work is both transcendent yet deeply grounded. We loved this approach so we sought Katajalisa out for one-to-one sessions, feeling that we needed outside guidance for some challenges we were facing in our relationship. After one session we left feeling more understood, more seen, more loving/loved than we had in over a year, or perhaps truly for the first time in our 7 year relationship.

After that first session it was a clear ‘yes’ to continue this powerful work with our goddess guide. She gave us the gift of Parts Work so that we are able to develop an entirely new vocabulary and way of experiencing ourselves, our relationship and each other. However each session has been entirely different as Katajalisa follows the energy of what is alive in the relationship in each moment. We have had painful sessions, deeply erotic sessions, gentle sessions and really fun sessions that left us all giggling like pubescent teenagers. Each session is like gazing into a multifaceted crystal– we see something new and illuminating about each other, ourselves and the relationship each time– lending more depth and understanding to our experience of life.

There is nothing more beautiful than people understanding their gifts in this world and exercising them to the edge of greatness. Katajalisa is one such person who understands her gifts of play, humor, deep insight and direct, empowering communication. During our sessions I am able to surrender and ‘go there’ because of her deep love, presence and you-could-do-anything-weird-and-I’d-think-it’s-fucking-awesome attitude.

My partner and I are so grateful to have Katajalisa and her work in our lives. Our emotional, spiritual and sexual relationship has completely transformed and guess what? It’s really fucking fun.