Inner Voice Forum

We see our amazing Slow Sex Community growing and growing which makes us so incredibly happy and motivates us to share more tools with you. We want to give you insight into the work we do individually and as a team: to address our own blindspots and to bring into picture what is often invisible so we can serve you with even more authenticity and integrity within the offerings we create.

One of these tools is the Inner Voice Forum, a SoulStrip practice that is all about giving the disowned parts (shadows) within ourselves a voice. Allowing them to express themselves and including them, instead of pushing them away, enables you eventually to hack your script and to slowly slowly change your narrative. You will be able to relate more authentically to yourself and others and to experience a sense of intrinsic safety and belonging.

Our wish is for you to meet every part of us and for us to meet every part of you. Not only the socially adapted parts you are used to showing in your daily life. Also the parts of you that are hidden, disowned and locked away. Especially those, because they are key to a fully lived satisfied and joyful life.

In a playful and accessible way, we will reconstruct who we think we are by getting to know our `Inner Community`. We will learn to understand who is present when we relate (who is driving the bus/ who is in charge/ who is making the choices) and uncover survival strategies and coping mechanisms that we've created along the way to protect the vulnerable child we once were, and who is still present inside of us.


It is an edgy, challenging, highly liberating systemic group practice developed by Katjalisa, founder of the Slow Sex Movement and Dutch bestselling author, transgenerational trauma expert and Voice Dialogue coach Francine Oomen.

You are being invited to step into the middle of the circle, state the topic/situation you want to work with and then embody your inner voices while the group is holding space for your process. The idea is not to act or to perform but merely to be the vessel for your voices to be able to speak/ to show themselves. It sounds super strange if you have not experienced it before but trust us ~ the magic happens when you step into the middle and you tap into your own energetic field. Due to the resonance within the collective field, we are able to feel/ empathize with each other. We learn as much in the middle as we learn outside in the circle.


Practicing Slow Sex I’ve learned to more deeply listen to the wisdom of body. My body knows: do I feel sexy or tender? What is the connection with someone else? Is it sensual or intimate or sexual? Or all in one? And knowing and feeling that, what do I really want (or not want) if I am honest? 

Sharing a slow sex space with others helps me to fine tune my senses. As we explore together, I discover something new with each encounter. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it's confronting, but always revealing of where I am in my journey to live my sexuality and life power with integrity and from a place of love. 

Katjalisa creates spaces for these explorations to unfold in a safe and yet daring way. She diffuses shame and guilt so participants can genuinely connect to what sexuality really is: the beautiful source of life. She encourages and enables us to go deeper, yet teaches the skills to hone our inner knowing: what is my boundary right now right here with this person? 

Through multiple workshops I feel enriched and empowered. I own my sensuality and sexuality in a new way. I honor my inner yes and no. I have language to share what I like. I (more and more) dare to ask for it. And all while keeping my pants on.

- Gerard Breekman

Katjalisa is a masterful guide who aided me on my path of exploring the depths of my sexuality. Depths I always deep down knew were there, but that lied waiting under the surface to be explored and touched.

Through a yoni course and the Slow Sex evenings, it feels like a space within me has widened. To dare, to heal and nurture my own sexual energy. And with that, a transformative power has arisen that is influencing many aspects of my life. In the yoni course, Katjalisa created a safe and playful environment for a group of women to become yoni sisters. And share their feelings and thoughts around everything that is connected to this powerful, but often neglected, organ and energy source.

In the Slow Sex workshops, physical practice is key. To bodily experience, and through that, to understand and know: what you want, what you need, and what not. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes deeply emotional. But always a continuous practice. And with a few of these workshops I feel I have learned more about my sensuality, desires and sexual energy than in a long time before. Katjalisa is a playful, strong, completely honest and inspirational medicine woman, whose antidote for today’s fastness is SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. And the result is truly divine.

- Barbara Bloom