Slow Sex Experience

with intentional microdosing & Love Jam

This special edition is a deepening and an expansion of the Slow Sex Practice and requires experience in either the Slow Sex Practice or other sex positive spaces. It is, in essence, a regular Slow Sex Practice followed by a LOVE JAM with the option to intentionally microdose in order to amplify the experience.

In the first part of the event we will dive into the Slow Sex Practice. The Slow Sex Practice is a 3h in person group experience guided by trauma informed facilitators. Within a clear structure, you are being guided into deep intimacy with yourself and others. The Slow Sex Practice empowers you to connect profoundly to yourself, to feel what is present in you in each moment and to communicate your boundaries in a non-violent way. Together, we experience how intimacy and connection can be created in almost an instant even with a complete stranger or with a long term partner and how we can transform the sexual energy that might arise in an encounter for healing.

You will learn how to access and listen to your most hidden sexual desires and how to build a healthy and respectful relationship with your body - which is a sacred temple, a portal to immense pleasure, joy and creativity.


  • breaking patterns and deconditioning our sexual behavior
  • learning how to access our ‘full body yes’ and our ‘full body no’
  • setting and expressing boundaries in a non violent way
  • figuring out what you actually like

The key is moving slowly and without goal orientation

An important tool we work with is communication

A new realm we explore is energetic love making combined with breath work.
You are being invited to move beyond the physical body and explore:
How we can touch each other without using physical touch
How we can move and play with energies
How we can use our breath as guide and guardian

The Slow Sex Practice is an eye opening and healing experience for everyone who is longing for creating a new culture of relating. A culture that embodies deep intimacy and authentic relating.

You are highly encouraged to take the tools you will be provided with out of the context of sexuality and to translate them into your everyday life. It will transform all your relations!


We start and finish the Slow Sex Experience all together. Once we have opened the circle, latecomers are unfortunately not allowed to join the experience any more (unless they have made a special arrangement with the facilitator before and the group has been informed). It’s in your own best interest to arrive 15 min before the event starts in order to settle into the space, go to the toilet, have a cup of tea etc.

At the beginning of the event there is the option to intentionally microdose in order to enhance the experience. We receive the truffles from the Kokopelli, the place in Amsterdam where we host our regular events. We mostly use ‘dolphin’. The dose we serve can be more than a micro dose but will never be as much as a full blown trip. The quantity you take depends on your personal relationship with plant medicine as well as on your body weight and emotional condition at that point in time. From our experience, the truffles help us to connect even deeper to ourselves, to enhance what is alive in us and to feel what is moving inside the body and our mind. The microdosing is optional. You can also join if your intention is to create a substance free experience. As long as you are fine that the majority of the people present will most likely work with the plant medicine. If you have doubts or concerns please have a chat with us beforehand.

After the guided mediation and a short breathwork practice that help you create intimacy with yourself, we flow organically into the partner exercises. Some of them are on an energetic level, others are hands on. Every exercise is merely an invitation. You decide for yourself how far you want to go, how ‘naked’ you want to get (underwear stays always on!). You can say ‘no’ at any time and you are encouraged to explore different variations in each exercise. You are empowered to create the experience that is appropriate for yourself in that moment with that person.

The facilitated part will be more or less 3h, depending on the need of the group dynamic. After the guided part there will be simple, organic food to nourish our bodies.

For the remaining time we will dive into the LOVE JAM - The LOVE JAM is a free flowing sex positive space in which you can put into practise what you’ve learned in the workshop. You can either repeat some of the couple exercises, exchange massages, dance, journal, do yoga or simply hang out, have some tea and snacks and heart warming conversations.
We respect during the whole jam the ‘underpants on’ policy.
The space will be held collectively.
Everyone is responsible for their own experience.
If you are new to sex positive spaces we recommend moving extra slowly.

We close the experience all together in a circle in which everyone has the possibility to express whatever is relevant to share.

Every Slow Sex facilitator has been personally trained by Katjalisa, the co-founder of the Slow Sex movement and is part of a continuous mentorship program in which we mirror each other's blind spots, work with our own disowned parts and hold each other accountable to be able to serve the collective with full integrity and care.

Here the answers to some FAQ:

  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    All gender and sexual orientations are welcome.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    Unless stated differently, we have the ‘underwear on’ policy during all events.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    There won't be any genital penetration happening at any point of the evening.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    The Slow Sex Experience is a space for healing. Even though our intention is not to actively dive into trauma work, some exercises might trigger past traumatic experiences. We ask you to get in touch with our team beforehand if you are aware of sexual traumas.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    You can totally come alone. Actually, most people do.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    If you come as a couple please discuss beforehand if you are open to share experiences with others and clarify the boundaries within your relationship. If you are in a monogamous relationship you can choose to do all the exercises with your partner.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    We invite you to explore beyond your gender preference and meet each other as beings.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    COME AS YOU ARE - whether you are feeling grumpy, unsocial and totally unsexy that day - the Slow Sex Practice can help you to reconnect to yourself and to shift your energy.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    You are welcome to wear sexy clothes if that’s what you feel like for that night. But you can also show up in your pajamas - the most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    Yes, taking a shower before sounds like a good idea and is for sure appreciated by everyone around. If you tend to sweat a lot in exciting situations please bring a small towel. Please don’t use strong perfume or deodorant.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    The Slow Sex Practice is not a ‘pick up’ place. It’s about connecting with an open heart without specific intentions or ‘end’ goal. However, if you had a special moment with someone and you would like to meet that person again or simply express afterwards through a voice msg/ email / phone call etc your gratitude for that encounter - go ahead!
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    Prior to the event you will receive a warm welcome email with more details. Your email address won't be exposed to other participants. After the event you will receive another email with some care instructions. In that email, all addresses are openly shared with the intention for you to be able to connect with each other afterwards. If you don't wish youR email to be shared with the rest of the group please let us know and we make sure you stay incognito.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    We ask every participant to turn off their phones during the practice.
  • cropped-Slow-Sex-olive-green
    There won't be any pictures or videos taken during the event.
To learn more about our values and what matters to us please take your time to read about our community care:
community care
For more general info about the Slow Sex Movement, a way of life, a form of art & activism:
Slow Sex Movement
Registration closes 2h before the workshop begins. If you wish to join at the last minute please send a message to the facilitator of the specific event. You can find the contact details in the agenda and in the bio

Practicing Slow Sex I’ve learned to more deeply listen to the wisdom of body. My body knows: do I feel sexy or tender? What is the connection with someone else? Is it sensual or intimate or sexual? Or all in one? And knowing and feeling that, what do I really want (or not want) if I am honest? 

Sharing a slow sex space with others helps me to fine tune my senses. As we explore together, I discover something new with each encounter. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it's confronting, but always revealing of where I am in my journey to live my sexuality and life power with integrity and from a place of love. 

Katjalisa creates spaces for these explorations to unfold in a safe and yet daring way. She diffuses shame and guilt so participants can genuinely connect to what sexuality really is: the beautiful source of life. She encourages and enables us to go deeper, yet teaches the skills to hone our inner knowing: what is my boundary right now right here with this person? 

Through multiple workshops I feel enriched and empowered. I own my sensuality and sexuality in a new way. I honor my inner yes and no. I have language to share what I like. I (more and more) dare to ask for it. And all while keeping my pants on.

- Gerard Breekman

Katjalisa is a masterful guide who aided me on my path of exploring the depths of my sexuality. Depths I always deep down knew were there, but that lied waiting under the surface to be explored and touched.

Through a yoni course and the Slow Sex evenings, it feels like a space within me has widened. To dare, to heal and nurture my own sexual energy. And with that, a transformative power has arisen that is influencing many aspects of my life. In the yoni course, Katjalisa created a safe and playful environment for a group of women to become yoni sisters. And share their feelings and thoughts around everything that is connected to this powerful, but often neglected, organ and energy source.

In the Slow Sex workshops, physical practice is key. To bodily experience, and through that, to understand and know: what you want, what you need, and what not. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes deeply emotional. But always a continuous practice. And with a few of these workshops I feel I have learned more about my sensuality, desires and sexual energy than in a long time before. Katjalisa is a playful, strong, completely honest and inspirational medicine woman, whose antidote for today’s fastness is SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. And the result is truly divine.

- Barbara Bloom